Revival: The Rebirth, the renaissance.

The first month of 2021, came and swept by swiftly. This new year feels so different for a variety of reasons. I’ve been thinking about how we as a collective view beginning the new year. So many people take it as a fresh start. They create resolutions to create a new version of themselves to achieve their truest self they seek out to bring to the surface. 

I’ve never been one to truly take resolutions seriously. And to be quite honest, it didn’t even cross my mind the slightest bit when I thought it becoming 2021. 

The one true word that came to my mind when I thought about it was: Revival. A revival of our daily lives, a revival of how I’m taking control of my life this year, a revival of I am making art this year. When I think about the word, I see this time lapse video of a plant standing straight up from being slumped over and decaying. That’s how I see this year being for all of us. Flourishing, rebirth, recovery, revitalizing. Just a few of the many words that describe it. 

That’s why this theme was so fitting. It has so many different contexts and meanings to everyone. What does revival mean to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments . 

If you didn’t already know, I host a little community of creatives and photographers on facebook and instagram. This is my image I created for this month’s (January) theme: revival. 

Be sure to use the hashtage, #creativewanderlings, when sharing your work so I and everyone else can see your work! 

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