Passion: The Flames of Many Kinds.

The winter came in late this year, much in Colorado fashion. I kept putting off creating this image because of how many different avenues that were leading into the way of the final outcome. I felt a little cliche choosing “passion” but it also followed my previous month’s theme, “revival” so swiftly.
While I have also been thinking often about how my art practice is being revived and it also has me thinking about how there the passion for my art is being stoked. (Cheesy, I know.) 
Passion has so many different shapes it can take. Passion you have for someone you love, for something in you, maybe how you want to direct your life, maybe all these combined. I think my theme is passion in the current moment is what is very appearant. The passion is my art.

To see how I edited this image, watch the video below. 

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