Exploring Colorful Wander: Paint Mines Collection

Paint Me with Wonder, self portrait, August 2022. 
Paint Mines No. 1-7, landscape, August 2022. 

Photographed in Colorado. 

I’ve been dreaming of exploring this beautiful place for a while now. I made the trip out there this past weekend with my sister (shout out to her help and company). It was scorching hot and bright as hell but oh so beautiful. I feel pretty proud of this first trip there. I went out with two challenges in mind: shoot an image in regular daylight (if you’re reading this you know I’m a soft, barely lit kinda gal) and to shoot something on the spot with minimal/almost to no plan. I can happily say I accomplished both of those. I just got one portrait shot, I’m completely out of focus, but, I still love it. Will it be an image I take inspiration to “re-shoot” in the future? Probably yes. But it’s a step in the right direction and that’s what’s so great about this period of growth I’m in. 

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