New Series Announcement: The Outsider Series

I’ve been cultivating a new series to bring to life. I’m not going to divulge in much detail just yet as it’s still in it’s infant stages, but, I wanted to share at least that I’m taking it from the dreaming stage to the doing stage.

I’ve always wanted to create a “real” series. Something that would be a on-going project and something that would then spin off into other future projects that would in turn create one, gigantic ball of imagery. Previously, when I first began trickling into conceptual, fine art photgraphy I created a series that I created different photos of different things on my lips (i.e. sugar granules, a mini squid, and even a bee to recall a few). Bonus points if you have been following my work long enough to remeber that series. I’ve also created mini series before, like groups of images that would range anywhere from 2 to 5 different works. This will be something different and very special.

I’m so excited to working on this new project. I’ll continue to work on other singular images that I’ve been dreaming up, especially with it being spooky season. I can’t go dark with it being my favorite time of year! There is still so much I am organizing and establishing with the series. I dont have a title for it yet (althought I believe I am very close to one), I am developing the core concept behind it and articulating the inspiration, and I’m still deciding on how to best release this series. I think I started dreaming about this series maybe last year? It’s been on my mind for so long I can’t even give you an exact estimate. But, with Autumn sneaking right up, it feels like a great time to start this new adventure.  I’ve been making myself hold off beginning to shoot the photos and creating content for the series because I’ve been making it a point to be more thoughtful about the concept behind differeent images. But, I don’t want to wait any longer to start making this series. If I keep waiting, it might drift off into nothing. Something I absolutely don’t want to happen to this. I can feel myself getting back the spark and the hunger to create again. The thirst for the adventure and memories. 

This project I am going let things go with the flow with creating. And as I get to a place to share with you all what the series is, perhaps that will make more sense. It’s honestly quite difficult to keep a secret so early on. But I know for me it will be worth it and best to create first and share later. I hope you all are excited to see the series when it’s time to share with the world. I’m going leave it here with you all. Be sure to follow me on instagram to see any behind the scenes and sneak peeks as they are created and keep an eye on my blog here for any other announcements/content sharing as well. 

Happy Spooky Season.

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