I always feel like I need to create something grandiose around various holidays, like: my birthday, new years eve, and new years day. It was something so important to me in the first few years of my adventure into photography. I think it maybe meant something more to me back then. 
But after this past year, I found myself questioning what the point of it was. Why did I always feel so compelled to make something “monumental”. Was it for me? Was it for my audience? Would it matter or draw the image more attention? I can selfishly say that it was for me. I could have an image to mark at point in my life that I can always look back on and remember events happening for me. I like to think that it was also for my audience. I like to think that my work at least connects just a little bit to the viewer in whatever way that may be. I’m not sure that it made the image matter better or reached more people. Maybe it did. It’s all subjective. My art and my art practice has changed so much over the years. 

A few years back, , I was finding any excuse to create a new image. I had a passion that burned something fierce inside of me. I created as often as I could, had ideas spilling out of my head. Then time took over and change made its self known. It became more difficult to create as often. It became more difficult to execute “good” ideas. I found myself creating images that weren’t my favorite. I have three words to describe what’s hampering me: boredom, monotomy, and burn out. 

I took the time to recgonize the things that are hindering me as an artist. I am sharing them you all. I am keeping myself accountable. I don’t want to hide what’s been holding me back. 
So this year I’m retaking control of it all. I have at least one series planned, I have goals set for myself, things I am doing to progress myself. All things I will keep sharing with you all as I can. This year is going to be year full of jourey and evolution. I’m going to take you all with me as I trail into new wanders. 

In news and updates I can share with you: 

If you didn’t already know, I host a creatives group! The group mainly is hosted through facebook, and, I am also bringing portions of it onto instagram as well. Last year, when I started the group, I started leading challenges for everyone to take apart of. For everyone, including myself, were getting overwhelmed by how quickly it stacked up. So for this year, I am changing how challenges are done. Now challenges are going to be announced once a month so that everyone has plenty of time to plan out and shoot the images they use. This month’s theme is: Revival. 

Be sure to use the hashtag, #creativewanderlings , when you share your creations on instagram and to follow along with what everyone else has made. 
I’ll share a blog post that goes more into depth about why I choose each month’s theme and share some cool extra’s as well, so keep your eyes pealed on the blogs for those. 

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